Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Possible Perils Of Being A 'Leader' In Inter-Galactic Relations.

With hopefully soon to be making redundant that laborious, post-formal education process of bacon hunting; I was recently reviewing some old notes and guidance material I have picked up or written. Obviously they were all intended to help me bring home said bacon (I’m not particularly avaricious), in one way or another. However, there was one that not only tickled my pickle but that was and still is particularly interesting, if regarding intergalactic relations. And when are we not doing that?!

My reviewing attention was grabbed by a page entitled ‘Developing Leadership Skills’, that was from a lecture I went to last year. While it included such pearls of wisdom as ‘mitigate risks, problems escalate, they do not appear’ and ‘a diversity of skills and ideas supports development’, it was the general message of ‘remember, everyone can be a leader!’ that left its mark on my satiric and perhaps pedantic mind. After hearing this (and as you can see from the ‘HA!’ on the line above) I illustrated it with a slight, fantastical twist. I initially found this amusing, but given the recent release of such films as Avatar and District 9 which, focus on the attempted co-habitation of the human and alien race I now find it, yes amusing still, but also a relevant concept (if explored purely for entertainment purposes) in badly timed self-assertion.


This is of course all a sophistic, superlative corollary of a simple piece of advice, but just be careful that it doesn’t get you into a situation where you will be negotiating an inter-life-form treaty of co-existence. It might be worth employing that vital aspect of good leadership, and deligate elsewhere, you might just find it saves you from turning blue and visiting your local loincloth store, or worse; the rather painful and undignified process of prawn-Therianthropy.