Saturday, 5 September 2009


A little activity where you can create your desired 'other bit' of a celebrity picture. That are woefully drawn but darn amusing and/or topical, and address whatever factors you wish to place on the celebrity or picture. I had another where it was the 'real' top half of Kurt Cobain, and where the bottom half portrayed Courtney Love performing fellatio on him to the result of an ejaculation of $'s, no need to discuss the metaphor there. But, I decided against posting it due the the fact that I would have 2 illustrated penises on one post, and I'm pretty sure the legislation is for 1-a-post. Anyway here are a few, perhaps more will follow if I manage to find enough time between eating and you know, looking for a post-University job in the big bad world.

Amy Winehouse - Her quest for new musical inspiration.


Lady GaGa - Accepting another 'slip' after her one at Glastonbury.


Jason Statham - Hates Electric 6, but loves lollies and toy guns. Grrr he's mean.


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Nicole Helen said...

i am enjoying these.
more please! x