Thursday, 5 November 2009

If life lands you a verb, expand upon it.


Beer mats have always been a source of inspiration, Chaucer, Shakey and Johnson loved a good brew. The above mat inspired me to expand on its peculiarities.


Etymology 1

Noun. otter. Any aquatic or marine carnivorous mammal, member of the family Mustelidae, which also includes weasels, polecats, badgers, and others.

Etymology 2

Verb. to otter (third-person singular simple present otters, present participle ottering, simple past and past participle ottered)

1. (transitive, vulgar slang) Of a being, to be or have been turned on one's back and be(en) nuzzled in the mid-rift by one of the same being, in a rough but affectionate manner.

2. (intransitive, vulgar slang) To have participated in a playful/sexual act of attraction.

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